Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life, with flowers reflecting the style and theme for your special day.

Townsville Wedding Flowers and Design offer free wedding consultations and encourage brides to bring photos or sample fabrics for the wedding party to ensure your bouquet and floral arrangements are the perfect complement to your gown.

Appointments are welcome during the day, evening or weekends to suit the busy bride to be.

  • Bride to be free consultations
  • Itemised quotes within 48 hours from your consultation
  • View your wedding bouquets the evening before your wedding day
  • Competitive pricing, trustworthy service and honest advice


Popular Wedding Bouquet Styles

Posy – Circular in shape and constructed using round flowers of equal size e.g. roses, mini roses, mini gerberas, lissianthus and orchids, usually made in an oasis bridie holder to get that full, neat and  rounded shape.

Natural stem Posy – Also know as a hand-tied bouquet, similar to a posy, but the stems are exposed and usually bound with ribbon, they are a little less symmetrical as the posy as they are not in a bridie.

Trail/Teardrop – Features a posy top and trail narrows to form a tear shape, constructed in an oasis bridie holder.

Arm Sheaf – Lies along the forearm or hands to form a long, narrow and neat shape or a wider version with soft trails.


Popular Wedding Flowers

Roses -The rose remains the most popular blooms for bridal bouquets whether is be a classic or modern design, either one colour, a combination of colours or combined with other spring blooms. Roses are also available in Mini Spray Roses, Cottage/David Austin Roses, and real touch Artificial Roses.

Lillies – Lillies come in a variety of shapes and gorgeous colours. The fragrant large open Oriental lillies ranges from white, pink and yellow. The Arum lilly is long and tubular in shape, with a smaller version the Calla Lilly which is available in white, yellow/orange and purple. Lillies are subject to availability and also are available artificial varieties.

Tulips – Tulips are a delicate flower and are stunning on their own, or mixed with other blooms. A beautiful range of colours are available seasonally. Tulips open quickly with petals opening out flat like a plate.

Orchids – Orchids are a hardy and long lasting flower; they come in a wide array of varieties and colour from whites, pinks, yellow and red to the beautiful blue dyed orchid. Cymbidium orchids are also available in select seasons and can be used as single blooms or as a long stemmed arm sheaf.

A range of complimenting flowers are available across all seasons, such as Carnations, Freesia’s, Mini Gerberas, Lissianthus, Alstroemeria, Snap Dragons, Chrysathemums, Hyacinths, Natives, Berries, Nuts and Foliage varieties.


Please keep in mind

Townsville’s climate is hot and dry, and flowers such as, Frangipanis, Peony Roses, Sweet Pea, Hibiscus, Gardenias, Hydrangea etc do not do well for lasting bouquets and arrangements. It is important flowers are selected in season for the best experience.

When researching bridal bouquets and pictures online, please keep in mind the majority of these flowers are from either Melbourne, Victoria or often America. Unfortunately many of these blooms are not suited to our tropical climate or they are out of the traditional peak season, which in turn drives up the price per stem or they are not their regular size they can become quite small.

Artificial flowers are available by request. They can be mixed amongst fresh flowers or stand alone.

You will find our wedding quotes are itemised, so you will know the exact number of flowers in your bouquet and arrangements you are paying for.


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