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We are committed to providing the best quality flowers, products and services.

Please be mindful when ordering flowers that they are a natural, perishable product. For maximum vase life (usually 3-7 days depending on flower type), and your enjoyment, flowers require some care.  Please follow the flower care instructions below to maximise the quality and freshness of your flowers.

Caring for your Cut Flower Bouquets

It is recommended that you first fill your vase or container with water about one third full.  Adding flower preservative does help but if you do not have this available, simply change water daily.  We suggest to cut on an angle, 3-5cm of length from every flower stem in the bouquet, and place into the vase of water immediately (flowers seal up their stems within 30 seconds to prevent moisture loss, and when they do they need to be cut to release that seal so they can drink).  It is best to remove all excess foliage off the stems that will be within the vase, and to change the water every 2-3 days and to recut the stems on the changing of water. We do not recommend adding bleach to your flowers water as this increases ph levels where flowers in fact thrive on low ph levels to maximise freshness.

Caring for your Flower arrangements in Floral Foam (Oasis)

Arrangements are often received in floral foam. The foam is best kept wet so the flowers are able to drink from it.  Please check and top up the water in your arrangement every couple of days, and aim not to let it dry out.

Try to keep flowers away from direct sunlight, heat, and draughts.

Please call 0439 457 380 for any assistance.



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